COPS refused a R10 000 bribe because they didn’t want to damage the police force’s image!

“Apart from the image, it’s the right thing to do,” one of the cops told Daily Sun.

The cops said they got a tip-off on Tuesday about drug dealing at Ghandi Square in the Joburg CBD.

“Just imagine when the person who tipped us off hears we didn’t arrest the culprits but took a bribe. Will they trust the police again?” asked another officer.

Joburg Central police spokesman Captain Xoli Mbele told the People’s Paper the three cops were with five patrollers.

“They wear private clothes and do routine crime prevention duties around town,” he said.

He said cops bust three suspects aged between 32 and 44 for dealing in drugs and bribery.

He said police received a tip-off about suspects dealing in drugs at Ghandi Square on the corner of Rissik and Main streets.

Mbele said they found a man sitting in a silver Ford Figo and requested to search him.

“Police recovered small plastics with drugs and R1 500 under the passenger seat.”

He said the suspect took cops to Fashion Lofts flats at the corner of Delvers and Pritchard streets, where they found his roommate.

“Several small plastics of drugs and two measuring scales were confiscated. The roommate was also arrested for dealing in drugs.”

He said the men’s friend came with R10 000 and tried to bribe the police to release his friends.

“He was also arrested for bribery,” he said.

Mbele said the suspects will appear in the Joburg Magistrates Court soon.