THE 25-year-old was allegedly loading sand into a trailer when the side of a quarry caved in on him.

Mametlhake police have now opened an inquest to investigate the man’s death.

Sergeant Tlaki Matemane said on Sunday morning, residents called police to Setene section, Seabe in Mpumalanga.

She said when the police arrived where the man was mining sand, they could not see his body.

“Residents were already helping to dig his body out from under the sand.

“It took hours and a lot of help before his body could be found and brought to the surface.”

She said after the body was dug out, paramedics were called to the scene. “They certified the man dead at the scene. A relative identified him and told the police the man was from Katjibane. His body was taken to a government mortuary.”

Matemane warned: “Many people don’t know that mining sand is dangerous. People should stop illegal mining. There are certified people who know how to mine sand.”