SINCE Daily Sun’s story about the poke in a pipe on Friday, armed residents have started guarding the field.

Resident Tefo Phakiso (49) from Caleb Motshabi kasi, Mangaung said they didn’t believe the magosha would leave the pipes clean. 


However, the woman said she left the pipe clean and made sure condoms weren’t left behind after she had done her business.

“These pipes will supply us with fresh clean water,” Tefo said.

“We will protect them from magoshas. We won’t accept dirty drinking water. We have decided to prevent that.”

The group of men with knobkerries said they will beat up any couple seen poking in the pipe.

Thapelo Lekoro (21) said he was disgusted at the idea of water with semen in it.

“Imagine if you opened a tap and a used condom came out!

“We are making sure everyone will drink clean water. Daily Sun made us aware of something we didn’t know about,” Thapelo said.

Residents said they appreciated what the men were doing.

Motlagomang Selaudi (42) said: “I’m glad the men are guarding the pipes. I will stand with our guards against the magoshas.”

A magosha told Daily Sun residents shouldn’t worry. “We clean up after poking in the pipe. We are only trying to survive because there are no jobs for us to feed our families.”

A construction worker said they would speak to the police to patrol the area.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thandi Mbambo said anyone caught having sex in public would be arrested.