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Some road users accused protesting residents of only thinking of themselves. Photo by Mzamani Mathye  ~ 

MOTORISTS said driving on Punda Maria Road in Mhinga Village outside Malamulele, Limpopo is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.

One motorist crashed into a big rock in the middle of the road on Sunday.

The motorist blamed residents of Josefa Village for the incident.

Residents in the area have been protesting over water shortages since last week, and Punda Maria is just one of many roads that has been barricaded.

The motorist said: “I hit the rock at about 7pm.

“The tyre on the right was punctured but God stopped my car from skidding into the bush.

“The protesters are being selfish.

“How can they barricade important roads at night?

“Our lives are more important than the water they are protesting for. We also have families to take care of. If we die in a car crash, who will look after our loved ones?”

Magezi Maluleke (38), another motorist, said it took him almost an hour to drive from Mhinga to Josefa as he constantly had to stop his car and remove rocks from the road.

“The trip is usually a 10 minute drive,” he said.

“Residents must stop this madness because they are going to kill innocent people.”

Resident Terry Khosa (30) said the protest will go on until the water shortage ends.

“We don’t care whether motorists die on this road. All we want is water,” he said.

Collins Chabane mayor Joyce Bila said the municipality is doing all it can to solve the water problem. She said tankers will be sent to the affected areas.

Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said: “It’s illegal to barricade roads. Motorists should report such incidents to the police. Those responsible will be arrested and charged with public violence.”

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