4 months ago
This man is seen in a video drinking Dog’s Mouth.  ~ 

HE LIFTS the full bottle of gin to his lips. Then he drinks the gin until there is very little left.

Then his leg starts trembling in a reckless dance as he finally tilts the bottle and drains the last drops from the bottle.

In less than 30 seconds, amid cheers, the entire bottle of what is called “Dog’s Mouth” is gone.

He burps a few times and staggers off into the background. In a video clip circulating on social media, the man drinks Dog’s Mouth. But soon the drink starts fighting back. The man, now topless, staggers from the floor to the bed, struggling to maintain his balance.

His chest starts heaving, then he leans over and brings up some white liquid – either spit or gin – as he clutches his chest.

The voices that were cheering before are now laughing hysterically.

Social media users are divided on if he did this to himself or whether friends forced his hand. “Some people are so stupid,” said Gift Ngidi.

“This guy will die while they are busy laughing,” said a Twitter user.

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