2 years ago
Gogo Ntswaki Mokalapa says she doesn’t need a lover in her life. Photo by Everson Luhanga  ~ 

NTSWAKI Mokalapa is a 62-year-old pensioner.

She said she’s sick and tired of wanna-be Ben 10s who keep knocking on her door!

“I don’t need a Ben 10,” said Ntswaki from Alexandra, northern Joburg.

“I’m too old to have a man in my life. The oldest who came to me was a 30-year-old man! I turned him away.

“I’m a pensioner and I’m happy being alone, raising my grandkids.”

She is worried one of these pushy young men are going to force themselves on her.

“I’m afraid these men will eventually rape me because they like me too much. I went to the police station but they said I must just ignore them.”

She said people in the yard tease her, saying she shouldn’t refuse love. She said one of her love pursuers promised her love music.

“I’m not interested. I often lock myself in the house,” said the gogo.

“I wish I had somewhere else to stay. This yard is not good for me but I’m stuck.

“Everybody is trying to force me to take a Ben 10. I have no peace in my life.

“I don’t know where to go or who I can report this to. Maybe if I speak to Daily Sun I might get help. If this continues, I’ll seek more advice from cops to keep me safe.”

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