JUST days after leaving parliament,Bathabile  Dlamini is looking back at her toughest times in office.

She has revealed that being labelled a boozer deeply hurt her and her loved ones.

In her sit-down interview with EWN,Dlamini says she was so affected by allegations that she was a drunkard that she even went to see a neurologist to check whether something was wrong with her.

"With the kids, they are very strong and even their schools have protected them in a particular way. And I never had, or faced a child crying because something was said at school because of what came up in the news about me," she said.

She said her mother had been very supportive.

Dlamini has repeatedly denied the claims of her excessive drinking, going as far as revealing that she is epileptic and has never touched alcohol,something that she has revealed previously when the allegations started.

She told EWN when the claims did not stop she decided to see her neurologist to find out what could be leading people to think she is always drunk. She said he adjusted her epilepsy medication.

“As much as I was fighting saying that I don’t drink and everyone was accusing me of drinking, I politicised the issue because we were dealing with the issues of alcohol and drug abuse, but I also had to look into myself and do self-introspection,” Dlamini said.

 So, why did she go see a doctor when she knew the truth?“Because I was worried and this thing was spreading like wildfire,” she said.

Dlamini said she was concerned because only a few close friends and fellow party members defended her from the accusations.