SCIENCE suggests that facial hair can play a significant role in a man’s love life.

A study by researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia proved that the beard gang is more desirable than guys without a beard.

While doing the research, groups of women were shown pictures of men with different types of facial hair.

The research indicated women chose to have babies or settle down with guys with more facial hair.

Barnaby Dixson, a human behavioural ecologist at the university and co-author of the beard length study, has been researching mate preferences for 10 years. He explained that both sexes judged men with beards as older and more masculine. He also said women described them as generous, sincere, hard-working and confident.

Daily Sun asked SunReaders if they agreed with the study.

  • Ntsundeni Munyai said: “Trust me, every time I see men walking with women, I know the reason, it’s all about money not what the study is saying,” she said.
  • Meisie Moeketsi said she liked men with nice beards.

“They are more like my eye candy. There’s something so attractive about them. They also look mature and manly.

  • Sivuyile Rulashe said he agreed with the study as he has been chasing a girl with no luck.

He said he noticed how important a beard is when the girl dated four guys with beards after he asked her out.

  • Lerato Mlambo said if she could, she’d order men to stop shaving.