RESIDENTS are happy their area is going to get electricity, as planned.

The second phase of the project in Meriting squatter camp in Lenasia, Joburg will start soon.

Since March 2017, over 500 households were electrified , when Joburg City’s housing department allocated land and stands to beneficiaries.

Yesterday, Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba told residents the project would supply power to 480 more households.

He said City Power will also install 120 street lights.

“It has been our goal to give dignity to our residents. We are helping families build a secure future with access to basic services.”

He said this didn’t mean people don’t deserve houses but that life will be easier and safer while they wait. “The project allows City Power to install prepaid meters in homes and minimises the possibility of illegal connections overloading the grid.”

He said the project would also give 16 locals jobs.

Violet Makhubo (60) told Daily Sun she’s lived in the area for four years.

“Having no lights is hard.

“We’re happy the mayor has kept his promise.”

Violet said she’d lost hope after applying for a house in 1997. “At least I’ll die with lights,” she said.