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Jeremiah and Aaron Mkhonza say Amos (inset) would still be alive if he had a house. Photo by Bulelwa Ginindza  ~ 

WHEN madala Amos Mkhonza (80) was covered in flames, causing him fatal injuries, his family knew immediately who to blame.

They didn’t blame the snake that madala had killed, nor the petrol he had poured to burn the wicked reptile. They just looked at madala Amos’ wooden shack and knew that had his promised RDP been built, this never would have happened!

The Mkhonza family in Manzana, Mpumalanga, said the blame was squarely on the government for failing their brother.

Madala Amos died on Sunday at Rob Ferreira Hospital after sustaining severe burn injuries all over his body.

His younger brother, Jeremiah Mkhonza (56), told the People’s Paper that Amos was trying to kill a snake when the incident happened.

“He later tried to burn it, but his shack immediately caught fire. I received a call from my sister, who said I should rush home.

“When I arrived I found my brother’s shack burned down. We rushed to the hospital, where we were told that his chances of surviving were slim. They tried everything they could, but it was too late,” he said.

Jeremiah said it was painful for them that his brother died while he was still fighting to get an RDP house he had applied for in 2002.

“It would not have been like this if he had been assisted a long time ago. We don’t know what was stopping them, because they even confirmed that he was on the waiting list, but he was not helped.

“They would come and take pictures, make promises . . . but nothing was done,” said Jeremiah.

Mpumalanga human settlements department spokesman Freddy Ngobe said the madala’s house was one of the 100 units that will be built in the area this year. “His application for an RDP will still be pursued to benefit his dependants,” he said.

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