IN Mzansi, there are those who want the Afrikaans language scrapped at universities.

BUT like it or not, Afrikaans has been voted the sexiest lingo in the world.

It turns out it is a perfect language to whisper sweet nothings into your partner's ear.

The survey was done by Lovin.Ie.

However, Lovin.Ie said that their “ranking tool” was their “own trusted ears.

” Hey, we’re not going to argue on this. A win is a win.

“Afrikaans is tops, according to the Irish,” said the Website.

The website further said: “Let the arguing in the comments begin, because we've just rated the 50 sexiest and least accents known to man.”

The Top Ten are:

  • South African – Afrikaans is the key to our hearts.
  • Italian – It only Dolmio day was every day.
  • Northern Irish – Jamie Dornan. Enough said.
  • Australian – V sexy, hey?
  • French – The language of love.
  • Irish – A global favourite, to be sure to be sure.
  • Spanish – Because obviously.
  • Israeli – We can’t explain it. It’s just hot.
  • Jamaican – YAHHHH.
  • Southern American – That slow Texan drawl.