It’s funny how people will warn you about dodgy traditional doctors but not about dodgy medical doctors.

Not all Western doctors know what they are talking about and the same goes for traditional healers.

Sometimes half of the healing comes from being treated by the right person, and the rest from believing in the process.

At times, the indigenous knowledge system is the best.

It’s a pity that we as Black people have been brainwashed and have shifted to the Western way of doing things.

We all need to do some serious soul-searching and go back to the African way of healing.

My personal experience with traditional African medicine has been wonderful.

I decided two years ago to stop using Western medication and went the natural route.

I had a heart problem and was sent from one doctor to another and was placed on long treatments, which weren’t helping.

Instead, my heart got worse and the disease spread to other parts of my body, making my liver acidic and affecting my other internal organs.

My family spent thousands on my medical bills.

I don’t regret the day I decided to rather use organic African herbs and to stick to a diet of vegetables, fish and chicken, with no red meat.

After two years of being strict about what I eat, and exercising, my condition has improved and is still getting better.

I only wish I’d made the decision earlier to return to indigenous knowledge systems.

Let us trust in the wisdom of African solutions, which always worked for our people before we were made to believe that Western medicine was better.

Letter from Johannes, Thekiso Park