THREE friends were allegedly shocked to death after a night of fun at Baby’s Tavern in Kagisanong, Mangaung on Saturday.

They were electrocuted after leaning against a steel gate.

Tavern owner Moeketsi Seboge (49) said it could have been avoided.

He said last week, he called electricity supplier Centlec to complain about the gate.

After the company came on Friday, it gave him the go-ahead to run his tavern.

But now it has cut his power and blames him for faulty wiring.

When the SunTeam arrived at the tavern, it was closed and Moeketsi was using candles.

“I called Centlec on Wednesday when my neighbours saw smoke coming from a steel pole. They didn’t come and I called again on Thursday but they only came on Friday,” he said.

“They checked the poles and said everything was fine. I was shocked that three people were electrocuted. I blame Centlec.”

Moeketsi said the company came minutes after the tragedy and switched off the power.

“They said I should get a certified electrician to do electrical wiring at my place. They want to shift the blame. I am asthmatic and cannot use my electrical oxygen machine at the moment. My business has stopped.”

Centlec spokesman Lele Mamatu said they knew of the incident. “We are investigating.”

Sergeant Sinah Mpakane said: “Three people were shocked to death after touching a live steel door while it was raining.”