MAD DASH FOR FREEDOM: Frantic students escape the college they say has a sex-crazed tokoloshe that is ruining their lives. Photo by Alex Matlala

TERRIFIED STUDENTS said they are desperate to escape from their “house of horrors”.

As many as 78 pupils at the college complain of being sore and tired after the super-horny little man with the huge 4-5 abused them.


Students were happy to pour their hearts out to the People’s Paper when the SunTeam arrived at Phaphadi Village outside Giyani, Limpopo yesterday.

They spoke of an evil tokoloshe who was destroying their lives.

Many of them claimed they were virgins when they came to the college but have since lost their virginity to the tokoloshe.

The girls are tired of having sex every night with the short man and are looking for accommodation elsewhere in the village.

The girls said they experience agonising pains in their punanis when they bath because of the size of the tokoloshe’s penis.

“When night falls, the tokoloshe comes and makes you dizzy. It switches off the lights and comes into the room without a key,” said an angry student.

“The tokoloshe takes off your panties, licks your punani with a huge tongue and penetrates you with its huge penis.”

She said it feels fantastic while it is happening but when you wake up in the morning your punani is not happy.

“It feels as if you have poured pepper on it,” she said.

Another girl (22) said she has lost her boyfriend after he had learnt about her nightly experiences.

“He said I was like a river. Now he has left me,” said an N3 business management student.

A male student at the college said he fought with the short man on Monday night when it was trying to masturbate him.

“I saw something opening the door and I covered my face with a blanket out of fear. I became dizzy and tired and then I found myself naked and the tokoloshe was busy masturbating me. I said ‘Jesus!’ and the short man ran away,” said the student.

Daily Sun has learnt that three lecturers left the college in December and January, allegedly after experiences with the short man.

The director and owner of the college said the allegations are baseless. “It is entirely unfounded and fabricated by those with a vendetta against me.”

Sangoma Dumezweni Mahabuke said the tokoloshe is sleeping with these students to attract more students. It was brought to the premises by an employee.

“This type of tokoloshe is used to boost business or any form of institution,” he said.

“It is quite dangerous and these female students must get counselling.”