Carol Tshabalala and Sbuda Motloung. Right: Sammy Sosa, the woman who Sbuda is
Sammy Sosa. Photo source: Instagram

SEXY Carol Tshabalala caught herself a Ben 10.

But Sbuda Motloung is rumoured to like fresh meat . . .


SuperSport presenter Carol (35) is fuming – that’s according to certain buddies of Sbuda. These friends allege that he’s cheating on Carol with Metro FM radio presenter Sammy Sosa (25).

The gorgeous young DJ’s real name is Sam Lehoka. She’s the co-presenter of the Morning Fix with Mo Flava between 8am and 10am on weekdays.

One friend said Sbuda and Sammy have been seeing each other behind Carol’s back for some time. This source claimed Carol has done everything to keep Sbuda happy, but Sammy seems to have a formula that keeps him coming back for more!

“Carol is not in a good space. Her 26-year-old Ben 10 is bored and goes for the younger ones. Carol gives the boy everything from cash to cars – but it’s not enough to stop him straying.”

Another friend said the affair is causing tremendous stress for Carol. “Sammy knew from the outset that Sbuda was in a relationship with Carol. But that didn’t stop her from falling for him.

“Carol is so miserable! And the worst part is that she’s too embarrassed to confront Sammy as she doesn’t want to be seen as a jealous lover and harm her public image,” said the friend.

Another of Carol’s friends told the People’s Paper: “Sbuda is showing Carol the middle finger – he is well aware what he’s doing is wrong!

“Sbuda used to go to A-list parties with Carol and drove her car. But the way he’s treating her is not cool. He’s madly in love with someone else.

“Sbuda once told Carol he was just Sammy’s manager. But that was a lie. Carol wants to confront Sammy but she’d be ashamed to fight over a Ben 10 at her age.

“When Sammy walks to the Channel O studios in Randburg and Carol goes to SuperSport, they give each other dirty looks but never speak. They don’t mix at all, it’s like oil and water.”

Yesterday Sammy said: “Carol must calm down. We’re close friends and we live in the same complex.”

Carol was not available for comment as she was in the US attending the NBA Draft 2015. Sbuda’s phone rang unanswered and he didn’t return SMSes at the time of going to print.