A VILLAGE was in mourning on Friday after the death of a young  woman respected for her efforts to protect local magoshas.

According to Nyasa Times, Evelyn Mkumbwa (34) was admitted to Chikwawa District Hospital in the south of Malawi in May with pneumonia. She died there on Wednesday night, and her funeral was held in Mbenderana village on Friday.

Evelyn had been the chairperson of the Chikwawa District Sex Workers Alliance and was a tireless champion for the rights and safety of magoshas.

Her funeral was a raucous celebration of her life, with some women twerking together around her grave, said the report.

One sex worker and friend of Evelyn’s, Aunt Shabini, runs a bar at Chikwawa Boma Market. She said: “Evelyn defended and protected a lot of sex workers by ensuring that our affairs as sex workers were properly harmonised. When we faced challenges she was the one in the forefront helping us. She tried to make sure that our rights are not violated in any form by customers. We will not forget her.”

Senior Group Village Headman Mbenderana is quoted as saying: “I have known our departed sister for a long time. And her participation in various community activities here just enhanced her visibility. She was so dedicated to helping other people in our community.”

Evelyn is survived by a daughter.