Sudan leader Omar al-Bashir has been removed as president on Thursday after 30 years at the helm.

There are also reports that says he has been arrested by the military.

Thousands of Sudanesemarched through the capital Khartoum in celebration, chanting anti-Bashir slogans. 

Bashir has ruled Sudan for 30 years after he took in a 1989 coup.

He is also wanted on international charges of genocide for his role in directing violence against non-Arab minorities in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Sudanese Defence Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf has declared a state of emergency for three months.

This is after confirming that Omar al-Bashir has been removed as president.

The minister, in uniform, made the announcement on state TV, noting that the military arrested al-Bashir.

He added that the army would be taking over for next two years.