Yogi Sam Cohen claims that sniffing is own pee makes him better in bed.

Cohen, 41, has been funnelling urine up his nostrils every time he goes to the loo for the past 19 years.

Together with his other pee-drinking pals, he also says that he's not had a cold in 20 years

And he claims that not only has the bizarre practice protected him from illness, but it's also worked wonders for his sex life.

He told The Sun: "It is not possible to get a cold when you constantly drink through the nose.

"You can feel under the weather but one drink up the nose and any clouds start to evaporate.

The special needs teaching assistant from Islington, north London, takes his own special cup with him into bathrooms.

He's even done it on planes and in five-star hotels.

"I take a cup with me. If I have to go to the bathroom I take it with me, close the door and drink through my nose.

"You feel like Superman - you're going to go into a phone booth and do something nobody knows and it's a secret.

"You've got your cup concealed and you go to the toilet and you come out and you look glowing and refreshed.

"I've done it on the plane - I'm probably the first mile-high nose-drinker.

Sam and two friends have regularly drunk their own urine through their noses since his yoga instructor pal Kelly Ra, 48, "discovered" the technique in 2000.