A company that produces life size dolls in the UK is reportedly offering to give comfort to those who have lost their partners. 

“We have a lot of people approach us who have dolls made that resemble a partner they have lost. It can be very beneficial for them and helps them keep a piece of their loved one, it provides them with comfort and people don’t always buy the dolls for a sordid reason." Jade Stanley shared with New York Post.

“We even get couples who want to experience a threesome but maybe feel uneasy about seeing their partner with another person. It’s also great for people who maybe feel socially awkward about approaching the opposite sex.” she added. 

The dolls are also for those looking to experiment with multiple people or those with mental health conditions and learning difficulties that may struggle with social situations.

Bespoke dolls can cost up to $5,200 and can be made to any specification with customers able to choose hair color, eye color, nail color, weight and even if they have scars, moles or tattoos.

Businesswoman Stanley says her dolls are booked for the next few weeks.

She is waiting for a new shipment from her factory in China and hopes to take her company global, as the service is currently only available in the UK