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A TEENAGER’S life hangs in the balance after enduring the double agony of being impregnated by her stepfather and then allegedly poisoned by her mother.

According to Punch, the thirteen-year-old girl from Nasarawa in central Nigeria was rushed to hospital after being discovered by concerned neighbours collapsed on the floor of her home in terrible agony.

The girl was allegedly raped by her stepfather in February this year.

When she discovered she was pregnant, her mother apparently instructed her to lie about who the dad was.

But the girl confided in neighbours and soon everyone was talking about it.

It was then that the mum apparently decided to poison her daughter.

One of the people who discovered the child and reported the incident to the cops was Aliyah Malami.

She told Punch: “I came with my elder sister from Kaduna to Nassarawa to greet our aunt, who told us that night about the pregnancy and how she suspected that the mother had poisoned the girl.

“The following morning, I went to the girl’s house. I saw her rolling on the floor; she told me that her mother gave her a drug the night before and gave her a concoction to drink in the morning.”

Aliyah was alarmed and contacted the cops.

The girl’s mum apparently phoned her husband to tip him off the cops were coming for him, but they arrested him as he was sneaking out of his workplace.

The girl was rushed to hospital where she had a miscarriage and lost a lot of blood.

An unnamed doctor said he was doing his best for her but her lack of family support was making saving her very difficult.

 “The case is almost getting out of hand because when she was brought in, she was bleeding. A pint of blood was given to save her life. She needs another pint of blood in order to be stable.

 “Right now, the victim needs another pint of blood and there is neither a donor nor somebody to pay the money. There are also hospital bills to pay,” he said.

Cops did not respond to Punch’s requests for comment.

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