TOKYO, JAPAN A MUSEUM in Japan says it is trying to de-stigmatize kak with what it calls the world’s first exhibition of cute and colourful poop.

The roughly 1 000 visitors who come each day to the Unko (poo) themed museum in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, are encouraged to share pictures of exhibits on social media and to shout “Unko” into a microphone.

“Generally, poop has a negative impression as dirty and stinky,” said Ayami Tashiro, a spokeswoman for Akatsuki Inc, the company that organised the show.

“We thought we can offer entertainment that no one has experienced before.”

Visitors can buy poo-shaped jewellery.

There’s also a wall for them to draw their own poo.

“Poo had a negative impression to me, but these cute images have turned into a good impression,” Aya Kumazawa, one of the visitors said.

No real poo was used to create the pop art exhibit, the organiser said.

The four-month show runs until July, with adult visitors charged R200. Children, who are also encouraged to visit, pay R112.