A TEENAGER is gravely ill in hospital after being forced to swallow a metal cross by two pastors to “deliver her from witchcraft”.

According to Punch, Angelina Moses (16) works as a domestic worker in Lagos, Nigeria.

She visited the house of pastors Kehinde Salami (25) and Yetunde Okonola (42) on the afternoon of 24 March, where a group of people were gathered to be spiritually cleansed.

She apparently paid them N2 500 (about R98) to take part in the cleansing.

This is when poor Angelina was singled out by the pastors and made to swallow a Christian cross, against her wishes.

Cop prosecutor Sergeant Kenrich Nomayo said: “The defendants said they ‘saw a vision’ concerning the housemaid that her destiny had been altered from her village and she was told that seven days of fasting and prayer would be conducted to deliver her.

“The defendants, alongside others, who are still at large, also gave the victim a metal cross to swallow on the pretext of delivering her from witchcraft, a representation they both knew to be false.

“As we speak, we do not know the state of health of the complainant as she is still receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.”

Salami and Okonola have been arrested and charged with four counts of conspiracy, conduct likely to cause breach of peace, false pretences and attempted murder.

An unknown number of others involved in the cruel incident are still on the run.

The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges and have been released on N200 000 (about R7 860) bail.

Magistrate TA Ojo adjourned the case until 30 April.