SHE can’t lie down properly, nothing in the clothing shops fits her, she’s got unbearable back pain and she can’t even breastfeed her baby.

These are the many terrible things Fiona Hornby (25) has to face, thanks to her 48J-sized boobs – which are still getting bigger.

According to the Sun, Fiona, from Bolton in the north of England, has had it tough because of her breasts even from primary school.

She said: "Everything I wore put my boobs on show. When I was still in primary school I was a C-cup.

"I'd be called a 'slut' because it always looked like I was trying to show them off but I wasn't, I just wanted to wear the same things as other girls.

"The pain can be horrendous. I once got really terrified because I was getting in the bath and I looked down and my breasts were purple.

"People say 'I wish could swap with you' but I say, 'You don't'.

"I once went to get a bra fitted and I went to the changing room and the lady in the fitting room turned to me and said, 'We don't do your size'. It was very, very upsetting."

Trying to feed her newborn son William also turned out to be a nightmare.

"I wasn't able to breastfeed him as a baby. I was terrified I was going to suffocate him. I couldn't hold him properly because I was having to hold my boobs. I couldn't even see his face,” she said.

Fiona, who works as a payroll clerk, found out in 2015 that she had a medical condition that causes breast tissue to become enlarged.

She said: "My huge breasts have ruined my life. They have affected everything.

"My self-esteem has hit rock bottom, I can't find any clothes that fit and can't wear the same things as people my age.

"I have terrible back pains caused by the weight of my breasts.

"If I do washing up I have to take a break halfway through because the pain is terrible.”

Her hope now rests on raising £5 500 (about R100 600) to have a boob reduction operation because the public health system won’t do it for free.

"Having the surgery will give me the ability to live normally," said Fiona.