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Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine. Photo by WT-shared ??? at wts wikivoyage  ~ 

A FAMOUS Japanese shrine is facing ruin following the shocking murder earlier this month of its head priestess.

According to Japan Times, Nagako Tomioka (58) was killed on 7 December by her brother Shigenaga (56), apparently because of a bitter row over who had control of the ancient temple. Shigenaga attacked her using a traditional samurai sword, slicing it through her heart and the back of her neck. He then killed himself and his wife.

The shrine is called Tomioka Hachimangu and was built in 1627 in Tokyo.

The Shinto shrine used to be a favourite place to visit for many Japanese. About 200 000 visitors usually come to make their wishes at New Year. It is surrounded by restaurants and businesses that usually do a roaring trade as a result.

But local business owners are this year expecting a plunge in the number of visitors.

“Nobody will come to visit us after such an incident,” an unnamed man is quoted as saying. “No one will want to pay respects at a murder site.”

Business owners have reported about a 30% drop in bookings since the horror bloodshed.

Tomioka Hachimangu shrine is also well known for its Fukagawa Hachiman summer festival in August, which is one of the three biggest festivals in Tokyo. It is also popular as a venue for wedding ceremonies and “shichi-go-san” traditional rites to wish for the healthy growth of children, said the report.

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