TWO more men were moered to death last night as the “bloodsucker” frenzy continues to plague southern parts of Malawi.

This brings to six the number of people who have been attacked and killed by angry residents in the last two weeks for allegedly being evil creatures known as bloodsuckers. Besides the deaths, two ambulances were also attacked after being accused of transporting bloodsuckers.

Cops are investigating. It is not clear whether anyone has yet been arrested for the murders.

According to Nyasa Times, the strange creatures are locally called “anamapopa”. They use both their evil magical powers and modern technology like electricity and chemicals to paralyse their victims. Then they suck out the victim’s blood with unknown devices, before vanishing in the shape of a dog or cat.

Some believe they are sent by Satan, and both locals and foreigners can be accused of being bloodsuckers.

The rumours of these evil creatures being on the loose is said to be causing panic in some areas, with people reportedly preferring to sleep outside their homes for fear of having their blood sucked.

Officials have been dismissing these claims as nonsense. Inspector General of the Malawi Police Services, Lexten Kachama was quoted in Nyasa Times as saying: “Currently nobody has died for being sucked of blood here in Mulanje. Some people have just created the story to breed fear among communities. We would like to assure residents of Mulanje that they are protected and that police investigations are underway to find the root cause of such and get to the bottom of the matter.”

The situation is seen as being so serious that on Friday America issued a security alert to its citizens not to travel to some areas in the south. It also banned its embassy staff from visiting the Mulanje area.