TWO DAUGHTERS remain haunted by their mum’s twisted decision to hide the existence of four dead babies from the world for 20 years.

This is despite the horror happening all the way back in 1998 in Liverpool, England.

According to the Sun, daughter Catherine Quirk was 16 when she first made the grisly discovery. She had innocently put her hand in a red rubbish bin and “felt a baby’s head”.

Catherine and daughter Joanne begged mum Bernadette Quirk to give the baby girl a proper burial - but the two girls were unaware their mum had hidden three other newborn girls.

This only came to light when her mum moved once more in 2009 – and she brought out that same red rubbish bin.

Joanne said: "We were helping her move. The moment we saw the red bin, we both froze.

“Mum started screaming when she saw us staring at the bin. Of course, we didn’t imagine there was anything in there but her reaction made us suspicious.

“Just seeing the bin sent shivers down my spine. The memories of what had happened still haunted me, every day.”

Joanne called the cops. Their search uncovered the remains of three other babies hidden in the home.

Joanne said: “I felt sickened there were three others. I hadn’t really believed there could even be one. It was like a real-life horror film, with my mother as the monster.”

Bernadette, who was an alcoholic, was charged with four counts of concealing a birth in 2010.

The court heard each of the dead girls had different fathers. They were born between 1985 and 1995. Bernadette had hidden the bodies, wrapped in newspaper, sheets and plastic bags, for up to 20 years. She had used air freshener to disguise the smell of rotting flesh.

Forensic scientists believe the babies were all full-term and most likely stillborn.

Catherine and Joanne arranged a funeral for the three other babies and invited their mum, who refused to attend.

Joanne previously told The Sun: "She did put on a lot of weight sometimes and would wear big, baggy clothes, and I did notice more than once she had a big tummy, which vanished almost overnight.

“I don’t understand why she hid the births or why she carried the bodies around like that in a bin.

 “I don’t believe she knows the meaning of motherly love.”

Bernadette managed to escape jail and was instead sentenced to two years community service. She passed away in February aged 64.