A MAN who claimed he was trying to help a three-year-old boy by circumcising his penis with gardening scissors has been sentenced to life behind bars.

According to Dallas News, Roger Hooton (32) had pleaded guilty to felony injury to a child. The child is Daisy Salazar, his then girlfriend’s son.

The abuse was first discovered in January 2016 when the boy’s aunt visited and saw bruises on his face.

Fearing the worst, the aunt then took the boy and his sister to her house and checked their bodies for injuries.

She found plenty, including scars from being hit with a belt and a problem with his arm where it had been broken.

She was horrified to find blood in the boy’s underwear, even though it was two months after Hooton had cut his penis.

Hooton reportedly told the aunt that he had done this because the boy’s penis was infected and they had no money for a doctor.

When authorities interviewed the boy about it, he said Hooton had cut his “weewee” and “it doesn’t feel good”.

At Hooton’s trial, prosecutor Robbie Crabtree described the treatment of the little boy as torture.

"He was just a beaten boy," he is quoted as saying.

The 28-year-old mother has also been charged with failing to protect her child from abuse.

She is expected to plead guilty in January, the Dallas News said.

The boy has since undergone reconstructive surgery and is living with his aunt.