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A ZIMBABWEAN woman has been sentenced to 315 hours of community service after she poured hot cooking oil over her husband because she was fed up of his loud music, a newspaper reports.

Husband Lewis Dzvimbo (32) came back to his home in Chitungwiza after work in the evening of February 12, started to charge his cellphone and turned on the radio "to listen to music."

His wife, Stabile Mwazha (31), was apparently already in bed. She got up and turned off the radio, says the Sunday Mail. He turned it back on again.

The report said wife Mwazha "got off the bed and took some hot cooking oil and poured it over her husband's body. [He] sustained burns on his back, neck and legs". Dzvimbo suffered 15% burns, said the Sunday Mail.

Apparently the couple hadn't been on speaking terms for three days.

There is the second report of a woman deliberately burning her husband with cooking oil this month. Two weeks ago a woman from Harare was reported to have poured hot oil over her husband after he accused her of cheating, the Herald reported.

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