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A FAMILY is reeling after two attacks within days of each other left six of its members dead, including a 97-year-old gogo.

They are also damning of local cops, who they say failed to protect them even though police were alerted to the danger hours before the deadly attacks.

According to The Namibian, the first attack took place last Monday in Rundu in the far north of Namibia. Jesah Gabriel Tjunda (20) allegedly slaughtered five family members.

The report is unclear about the circumstances, although Tjunda’s mum and sister had apparently raised the alarm with the cops before the bloodbath.

They allege that cops failed to respond to their calls for help.

The second attack on a different branch of the same family took place last Wednesday in Uukwiyu-Ushona, another remote village about 475kms away from Rundu.

In this tragedy, Kambenge Johannes (97) lost her life when she was allegedly attacked by neighbour Mabelane Mabele Bishop (29), who was armed with an axe.

Her heartbroken daughter, Felisimina Sakaria told The Namibian that she had just checked on her mum in her hut to make sure she was warm in the cold night. Then she heard screams.

“I went to see if it was a fire, but I did not see any flames. I then thought it was my neighbour fighting with her children again,” she said.

Later she found out that Bishop was allegedly attacking his own mum and brother.

Then she realised her mum’s hut was now under attack.

“I then heard three loud thuds, followed by a scream. At that moment, I knew something bad had happened,” she sobbed.

Felisimina’s hubby, Barakias Lot (72) rushed to help and Bishop allegedly fled.

Felisimina discovered her mum in a pool of blood with three axe wounds.

“I called out her name and she gave her last breath. Mother did not deserve to die in such a way,” she said.

Neighbour Rosalia Kambode called the cops to tell them that Bishop was on the rampage at about 7.30pm.

They only arrived at 9.30pm.

Felisimina said: “My mother would still be alive if they had responded immediately”.

Bishop was allegedly a mental health patient who had been off medication after running away from home nine months ago.

He was arrested and appeared in the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court on Friday, according to the report.

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