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FOR the last 14 years, she had proudly worn what she thought was an 18 karat gold wedding ring, imagining one day her daughter would also inherit something precious.

But when the 55-year-old woman took it to the jeweller in June to make it bigger, it simply snapped!

Horrified, the jeweller in Headington, England took a closer look, reports The Sun.

After testing it, he sent an email to the couple: “We tested the metal and it appears to be brass."

A second jeweller agreed it was at best a cheap version of gold and the metal marks stamped on it claiming that it was 18 karat gold were false.

The woman and her husband had bought the 5mm rings for £99 (about R2 000) each from a large British retail store called Argos and had no idea they had been tricked.

The furious woman told The Sun: “My ring is worthless, beyond repair and not wearable.

“It's fool's gold, it's just a lie.

"It feels like I am missing a part of me - it's about the blessing of the ring and the significance.

"That ring would have been left to my daughter."

The couple say that buying new rings and having a blessing ceremony for them is going to cost them hundreds of pounds.

An Argos spokesperson said: "We are investigating this with the customer."

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