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IT was a close call for “Jesus” on Monday in Mongochi, Malawi, when an angry crowd threatened to moer him.

According to Nyasa Times, preacher Jesus Saidi Pius (40) had set up his speakers and amplifier at a major intersection in the town. Dressed in a white robe with a red scarf, Pius then announced to the passing public that he was Jesus Christ.

Some angry residents challenged him, but he insisted that he was the reincarnated Son of God. Soon some took to klapping him, with some even starting to stone him.

An eyewitness named only as Jaf told Nyasa Times: “We found it very annoying, disrespectful and intolerable for one to make such claims so we wanted to teach him that he can choose to be whatever he would like but not to make fun of sacred names – that’s a blasphemy.”

Luckily for “Jesus”, cops happened to be near the scene. Inspector Rodrick Maida said: “Our traffic police officers who were going to have their patrol vehicle fueled at the filling station stumbled on the scene. Sensing danger, some officers jumped off the vehicle and approached the scene on foot.

“The officers managed to contain the irate mob and took a motorbike for the preacher to be taken to the station. His mobile PA system and bicycle followed later in the police vehicle.”

Maida said Pius, who lives in Maso Village near Mangochi, gave “uncoordinated statements”. Cops suspect he’s not entirely in his right mind.

He was kept in custody for his own safety for some hours while cops waited for the angry crowd to leave.


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