‘WHEN are you going to kill yourself?”

This is just one of the cruel statements made to Mallory Grossman (12), who endured a whole year’s bullying by four school mates before she ultimately took her life.

According to The NY Post, Mallory was in sixth grade at Copeland Middle School in New Jersey, America for the 2016/2017 school year when her nightmare unfolded.

She was so shunned by school mates that she took to having lunch alone in the school counsellor’s office. Online, school bullies left nasty messages and images for her, including “U have no friends” and “Poor Mal”.

A few weeks after the question about when she was going to kill herself, Mallory finally took her life on 14 June 2017. Her dad, Seth, discovered her just after she tried to commit suicide and she died in his arms.

She had previously been a talented cheerleader and gymnast.

Mallory’s heartbroken mum, Dianne Grossman, says she repeatedly asked school officials to help protect her increasingly depressed daughter from the cruel bullies, but claims they did nothing.

She and Seth on Tuesday announced they were bringing a wrongful-death lawsuit against the school’s principal, Alfonso Gonnella, and other education structures in Rockaway.

The court papers allege that Gonella “lacked any suggestions to punish the offenders, but instead, placed the bulk of the responsibility on Mallory to rectify the situation”.

The family’s lawyer, Bruce Nagel, said: “We are hopeful that the filing of this lawsuit will bring national awareness to the epidemic of cyber-bullying and that we do not have to attend any more funerals of students who have been the victims.”

Dianne said Mallory’s death is “a perpetual sadness you have to learn to live with.’’

Neither the school nor the principal responded to The NY Post’s requests for comment.