A MUM was left grieving her lost baby and facing the rest of her life with no arms or legs after a shocking medical condition suddenly struck.

According to the Sun, Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker (32) from Florida, America was six months pregnant with her second kid in March 2017 when she started feeling like she had flu.

Her concerned hubby Ramon rushed her to hospital, but her condition rapidly deteriorated.

Her heart rate went off the charts, her blood pressure plummeted and her kidneys started to fail.

Realising her situation was becoming critical, doctors induced labour.

Tragically, the baby didn’t make it.

Doctors identified the problem with Kayleigh as sepsis, which is a potentially deadly response of the body to an infection.

She was rushed to ICU and put into a medically-induced coma for two weeks.

When she came around, the tissues in her lower arms and legs were puffy and black because the tissues had died without a proper blood flow.

She told Naples Daily News: "I was a big water balloon."

Two years on, Kayleigh is speaking out about the choice she was faced with: risk death and leave her little girl, Aaliyah (4) without a mum, or live the rest of her life without limbs.

She said: “I wanted to see my child grow up. I accepted the fact that it needed to be done.

"From 2017 to now, I see it as a new lifestyle. I didn’t want to take it on as something impossible to live with, to live through.

"The triumph is still being here. Having a family, being a wife and mum."