A MAN who wanted his ex-wife dead for rejecting him blew himself and his mum-in-law up by mistake instead.

According to The Mirror, John Gonzalez Anzola paid a visit on Saturday night to his estranged wife in the home she shared with their four-year-old son and her mum in Pueto Boyaca, northern Colombia.

He was apparently refusing to accept the fact that their marriage was over and had come to try to force her to change her mind.

A furious fight followed, and cops were called to the house to kick him out. But Anzola reportedly said he’d return and kill his wife and son in revenge for their rejection.

Worried that he might be serious, his former mum-in-law, Maria Cecilia Aguilar insisted that her daughter and grandchild leave the house and sleep somewhere else. She said she’d stay in the house to keep everything safe.

But it was a decision Maria would pay for with her life. Anzola returned as he had threatened to, this time armed with sticks of dynamite.

He broke into the house and set fire to the dynamite fuses. They exploded almost immediately, killing Anzola, and fatally injuring Maria.

Maria made it to hospital but died while having both of her legs, shredded by the explosion, amputated.