EVERY teacher working in a church-founded school who is in a relationship but not married must tie the knot in November.

This is the instruction by Bishop William Ssebaggala, based in Mukono in southern Uganda.

According to Daily Monitor, Bishop Ssebaggala is gatvol of teachers indulging in “immoral” sexual relationships because of the dodgy message their behaviour gives their students.

"This year, all teachers must wed on 29 November so that our children can look to them as role models,” Bishop Ssebaggala said.

"You find a female teacher who has a child in school but nobody knows the father of the child. The pupils in the school have never seen her with a partner which makes the teacher look like a prostitute."

Bishop Ssebaggala also accused some male teachers of taking a number of different women to their houses in the school’s staff quarters, which also “corrupted the minds” of their young charges.

"All head teachers and teachers must wed before the end of this year and so that you don't get excuses next year," Bishop Ssebaggala said.

He acknowledged that weddings are notoriously expensive, but said this should not stop teachers from doing the right thing.

 "I know some teachers’ salaries are not favourable to paying for a wedding, but you can approach the Church for help," he said.