Musician Zakes Bantwini shared his views on the importance of education in a an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central

Speaking on the show Zakes expressed that he was disappointed in celebrities who tell young kids that they could "make it" without an education.

Zakes who studied music and later business says every time when he goes to these music workshops, where people are talking to artists, he feels like people are lying.

"Telling people that 'you don't need school, this thing you can do it' and I'm like you are lying! Maybe you don't need school but don't tell them that they don't need school because you are robbing them of their careers" he said. 

"I've been in this for very long time and it's not because I'm smart or because I'm very talented, but it's because I went to school. I tell people that school helps you to think differently and school also gives you a database of artists and people," he said.