WHAT might have seemed as a harmless joke to Somizi Mhlongo is serious to Zahara.

Although there have been several reports since yesterday morning claiming the choreographer and businessman had apologised to Zahara for a drinking joke he made about her at the Samas over the weekend, Zahara has dismissed the claims.

The Loliwe singer yesterday told Daily Sun: “I saw something online about him apologising but I still haven’t received an apology from him. How is ‘sorry, Zahara, it was just a joke’ an apology? Seriously?

“I’m sending a letter of demand to him from my lawyers today. He has until the end of the week to make a formal apology to me. I’m not playing! Why don’t I know about this apology? He hasn’t contacted me!”

The People’s Paper yesterday ran a story about Zahara’s anger over comments Somizi made about her while he was hosting the Samas at Sun City, North West on Saturday night.

She was quoted as saying: “He said something along the lines of ‘bar is open, where is Zahara’. What is he saying about me?”

RiSA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi said he had not seen the joke in the script before the awards ceremony. “I’ve asked the production team to get in touch with Somizi and ask him to apologise unreservedly.”

Earlier in the week, Somizi refused to comment. When the SunTeam contacted him yesterday, he asked to be called back an hour later as he had bad reception. However, when he was phoned again, he rejected calls and failed to respond to SMSes.