IT WAS at a chance meeting at Club 9 a year ago that their stars aligned.

And since then former gangster Israel Makoe, better known as Ma-Orange, and Zodwa Wabantu’s professional relationship is blossoming. Ma-Orange says Zodwa is nothing but a cool muntu (person) who loves people.

The pair were booked at the launch of Club 9 in Balfour Park, northern Joburg on Saturday.

They spent time together as Zodwa sparked chaos taking images with the masses.

Ma-Orange told Daily Sun they first met at Eyadini last year during a Durban July after-party.

“We took pictures together and that proved to me that Zodwa is a good person who is free-souled,” he said.

“I have never met such a celebrity. This woman is loved by everyone and she loves everyone. She takes images with anyone and everyone.

“I loved our collaboration as it creates good business. Because she understands her story, we will be working on something soon.”

Zodwa Wabantu said she has always admired Ma-Orange’s work.

“To have met him was a blessing. I was being bothered by people so they moved me to a VIP section – that is how we met,” said Zodwa.