Zolisa Xaluva who played the part on Jason on "Generations" but was part of the 16 fired actors in 2014 due a strike they had just thew shade at the show. 

Xavula, who currently plays a character by the name Diamond on The Queen said the experience from the Generations departure taught him valuable lessons. 

In an Interview with Trending SA, Zolisa said that he knows that it is okay to fight for what you want.

"I don't wish to attack the man himself, I believe in playing the ball. So I won't be drawn to an argument about Mfundi himself. But he says something very interesting about a 'upward trajectory'. I think if anything was going on an upward trajectory, it would have been the show itself. Which evidently over the last five years has dropped tremendously in ratings since the departure of the 16, to the point that even the show that comes after them, which is called Uzalo, has more ratings than them."