Local musician Thami Shobede has come a long way since his Idols days, and he has enjoyed every minute of it.

The KwaZulu Natal born singer’s come up was not the easiest, but he insists he would not have it any other way.

His resilience and never say die attitude would not allow him to be anything less than successful, and these traits will stand him in good stead for his career going forward.

He had to enter Idols twice, but luckily, he did not need to make it third time lucky as these attempts eventually proved enough to launch his career.

Around this time last year, the 30 year-old released his debut album titled “Never Lost.”

The album packed full of love jams was well received and has enjoyed success since its release.

 “The album has done phenomenally well, I’m extremely proud,” he said, “It has put me on a lot of platforms.

“It is the work of a newcomer but it will be hard to pick up because of the hard thinking and delivery that took place in putting it together.”

He wrote several songs on the album, but the one song he is proud to have written without any assistance is the hit Thenjiwe.

“It’s the one song that I independently and 100% wrote, the other songs I had help here and there.

“With this one, everything you hear there, I strategically placed,” he added.

Shobede is glad fans are enjoying the album as much as he enjoyed putting it together for them.