SHE is without a doubt one of Mzansi’s most hard woking individuals, so it’s no wonder she had some people hate on her hustle. Nomzamo Mbatha had a  great year last year and she made strides in her career, but it wasn’t wothout its challenges. The star reflects on the lassons she learned last year and how she plans on using that to better herself this year.

Unlike some of her peers, the actress can boast about being a graduate and having something to fall back on should show business not work out the way she wants it to. Looking back at her journey, she took to social media to remember some of her highlights of the last year, as well as the challenges she faced. 

She wrote: "“I remember seeing on social media vicious people saying I wasn’t the first to graduate and questioning why my graduation was so celebrated, going as far as saying they finished in record time and I did it over NINE YEARS... it broke me... for all of 5 seconds and then I remembered, mine took longer because I was busy BUILDING MY dreams. At my own pace. In my own race. In my own lane. It’s never too late. Do not ever allow the pressures of broken people who have nothing going for them but a sad life to make you feel like you are stagnant. Be grateful for YOUR JOURNEY and all the hurdles and beautiful moments in between.2018... you were so LABOUR INTENSIVE. But you were also a year of INTENTION. Your Faith required so much work for it to be alive. You made my heart bigger and so much better. Thank you for teaching and showing me that life requires nothing from me but my very best and it will meet me at that very point. It got lonely. It got quiet. But it got productive and it OVERFLOWED. I am all the more better for the many hearts I encountered and equally allowed to alter mine for the better. I saw the world and the world reciprocated.”