PRESENTER and comedian Thomas Gumede seems to be making even bigger moves. 

The Reality TV star announced on Twitter yesterday that he and partners will be launching a TV channel. 

The post read: "This is something we've bee quite about for a while! The deal is finally through. WE OWN OUR OWN TV CHANNEL."

According to C21 media Tomas has agreed a to a programme licensing deal with US producer and distributor GRB Studios.

GRB is partnering with Gumede on the venture, agreeing a multi-year licensing agreement that will provide the channel with access to hundreds of hours of library content ready for its launch.

Black TV is an African pay TV channel broadcast via Starsat, South Africa, a subsidiary of Chinese satellite television provider StarTimes. The channel features original African series, movies, music, documentaries and non-scripted shows.

The deal was announced by GRB’s founder and CEO Gary R Benz at Discop in Johannesburg this morning.

“I have known Gary Benz for more than 15 years. GRB Studios’ stellar reputation for producing Emmy Award-winning programming alongside their catalogue of more than 3,000 hours of content makes them the ideal partner for Black TV,” said Hemdee Kiwanuka, a principal at Black TV.