Local actress Tessa Twala has opened up about a difficult time in her life.

The Ring of Lies star revealed that she was a victim of physical abuse after she refused to have sex with a male friend she had known for 7 years.

Taking to Twitter, the Swaziland born actress explained how even some of her friends turned their backs on her during that difficult time and tried to get her to drop the case of assault she had opened against the perpetrator.

“2 years back a guy hit me because I wouldn’t have sex with him i had known the guy for 7 years and had been saying no to him all that time when I opened a case against him so many of our mutual friends(all males) called me telling me to drop the case cos he wasn’t coping," she tweeted.

“Even the doctor who helped me said I should let it go even as he was examining my fractured cheek and swollen jaw. 

“The female ‘friend’ I was with refused to write a affidavit to help my case.

“None of these ‘friends’ cared about how this was going to affect me mentally, emotionally or physically they just wanted to have their boys back,  people even started treating me weird as if I was the one who had done something wrong,” she added.

Tessa said that women should never be quiet about abuse even when it seems like no one cares.