Rachel Kunutu (25) is nothing like actress Lesego Marakalla!

The Skeem Saam star, who won the Outstanding Female Villain award last month at the Royalty Soapie Awards, said people verbally attacked her on the streets because they thought she was Rachel.

Speaking to SunBuzz, she said: “I relate to Rachel sometimes, but I’m not like her. Rachel is disrespectful. She speaks without thinking and doesn’t care about hurting others.

“Lesego is the opposite. I don’t like hurting people and I’m definitely not disrespectful.”

Lesego said the similarity between them was that they were both raised by single mothers.

“She lost her father at the age of 15. She was also raised by a single mother who did all she could to provide for her children, just like mine,” she said.

Lesego burst onto the acting scene in 2011 when the soapie started airing. The Mpumalanga-born actress told SunBuzz attending drama classes at Monnyth Art House in Tshwane helped her land the role.

“While attending college, there were auditions for the soapie and the college had to choose a few students,” she said.

“Of the few who auditioned, I was successful.”