TWO famous Mzansi artists are fighting over money.

Gospel star Solly Moholo is accusing kwaito musician and businessman Doc Shebeleza of having run away with his cash, but Doc says the truth must be told.

The clash was brought about by a talent search music festival that was supposed to be hosted in 2001.

According to Solly, he and Doc (whose real name is Victor Bogopane) shared a dream of hosting a music festival that would give young artists exposure.

Solly said: “We agreed to each contribute R60 000 to organise the show.

“I stuck to my word and gave R60 000 to Doc, but 14 years later there’s no sign of the festival or my money.

“I trusted Doc and he was happy with the idea of helping young people.

“I’m very disappointed with how things turned out.”

He said when he called Doc about the money, he was told he would be paid back.

“He didn’t pay me and then stopped answering my calls.

“I tried to see him at his office at the SABC in Joburg but he dodged me. All I want is my money.

“I didn’t expect to be robbed by someone like Doc,” said Solly.

But Doc told Daily Sun: “Only God and Solly know the truth. Since Solly claims to be a Christian, he must tell the truth.”