Last year

It’s only two months into the New Year and Skolopad has already broken her promise not to pose nude in 2018.

The wanna-be musician seems to have resorted to her old tactics, leaving everyone shook once again.

On Monday, Skolopad promised everyone on Twitter that she would soon share her beauty secrets because she’s tired of women hiding theirs.

“I can't grow up using Vaseline and still look the same but omunye [someone else] use it then look different all. Amanga nje [all lies]. There must be something is just that ppl want to keep it for themselves. So m gona tell u guys don't stress,” she tweeted.

But no one was ready for the flood of nudity that would hit our timelines the next day.


The nurse and part-time singer changed her profile picture to a nude image of herself squatting in heels yesterday, a teaser of what was to come.

She then revealed this morning, with more nude shots of herself, that her “secret” is a product called Skin Miracle.

“This is the secret to my Shinning, beautiful skin. Let me make ur Valentine's month by giving away 100 packs of this products,” she tweeted this morning.

The picture is an ad for an antibacterial soap bar which was followed by more ads with more nudes.

“I know this product ea sebetsa [it works] & they also have foot creams tse monate [that are nice]. As 4 haters will continue doing what they do best,” she said.

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