The music industry can take its toll even on some of the best artists, with Riky Rick the prime example.

And now, award winning musician Sjava, real name Jabulani Hadebe, has also revealed that his upcoming project will most likely be his last for a while as he plans on taking a break from releasing music.

The 29 year-old told TshisaLIVE that he is not quite sure just yet what he will do with all the time he will have on his hands but what he is certain of is that “it won’t be music.”

 "I always said that I only make music for myself, not for the fame or hype. I am not going to make music after I drop my next project,” he told the publication.

There is a bit of hope for his fans though as the Ngempela hit-maker indicated that he will still be making music, but without all the pressure that comes with doing it full-time.

"Music is my life, and I will make music for myself, but if I feel that I need to release something I will do it. I just don't want to put pressure on myself and spoil the experience of making music," he added.