Local comedian and TV personality Siv Ngesi was held at gunpoint in Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday afternoon.

The Wingin' It host tweeted: "Was just held up at gunpoint .... but I wasn't letting go of my phone!"

"Wasn't the smartest thing to do I know!" he admits. 

Speaking to The Juice he says: "This is a really expensive phone, and I have so many contacts on it. And for some reason I just felt confident. I don't recommend anyone doing what I did. Please do not try the same thing. Just hand over your phone.

He added: "I'm sick and tired of these criminals making our lives a living hell. It's time South Africa does something about the crime. You can't be robbed like this during the daylight."

According to Siv everything happened in slow-motion. Although he was unharmed during the incident, one person was hit over the head with a gun, and the gunmen got away with two of his friends' phones.

Following the event Siv says he is doing "great."