The rumour mill is never at rest in celebville but this time around it seems like they might just be on to something.

According to the streets, rapper Sizwe ‘Reason’ Moeketsi and his baby momma and TV/radio personality, Luthando ‘LootLove’ Shosa have welcomed their twins into the world.

The speculations have been doing the rounds for two weeks now and as always, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Neither LootLove nor her man, Reason have spoken on the matter but the signs are definitely there.

First of all, the timeline does support Loot giving birth in this month.

Even though Loot only announced her pregnancy three months ago in October 2018, she was already showing and her stomach was the size of at least two trimesters.


This would mean that she has been definitely been pregnant for nine months.

Therefore, the twins would have to be born in January 2019.

After she made the announcement, but still in 2018, Loot opened up about how difficult it was for her to keep her pregnancy a secret.

She spoke about how she had to be careful with her choice of clothing as well as the angles she chose for photographs.

“The Durban July was a nightmare also! Went for a babydoll design dress cause I was showing a bit,” she said in the Instagram post.

Since the Durban July was seven months ago and she was already “showing a bit”, she had to have been pregnant for at least two months at the time.


This once again gives us a total of nine months at the present day.

The second sign can also be found on Loot’s Instagram account.

But this time, it is not so much what is there, but what isn’t there.

The Metro FM host has not posted a new picture of herself on the gram since December 2018.

And since Loot loves giving her fans a constant glimpse of her life, it is a wonder why she hasn’t posted herself in 2019.

Thirdly, Loot missed the first Absolute Hip Hop show which she hosts with DJ Speedsta on Metro FM this past Saturday, prompting maternity leave rumours.


The fourth sign that Loot has given birth is the sudden burst of happiness she has been displaying on her Twitter page, tweeting things like: “...if life is a movie oh you’re the best part”, “What a time... to be alive”, and “...and I wonder if you know what it means, to find your dreams come true” over the last two weeks.

The former Live presenter has also been tweeting about and using emojis of sunflowers and of course, you will recall that her 2018 baby shower was sunflower-themed.

The final reason, no pun intended, that we think she has given birth, is due to her man’s recent cryptic tweet.

“#PaternityLeave freestyle LOADING,” Reason tweeted.

The ultimate sign, though, has to be what Loot said on her Insta story today.

With a background made entirely of sunflowers, Loot wrote: “I’ve won a lot in my life, I’ve been incredibly lucky and beyond blessed but nothing comes close to this… I can’t believe this is my life”.

What’s more, the Daily Sun spoke to the personalities’ management who refused to comment on the matter.

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Went through my insta tl and I was laughing about all the moments captured and posted where I knew Hip & Hop (Btw, to all those who keep asking: We’re definitely NOT naming them that! ??) were on the way but I couldn’t say anything. I was burning on hot days,steady holding juice in my hand (in situations where they served champagne I’d take the glass just so it’s not dodge and people don’t ask questions and then after a min Siya would take it from me and sip it for me... ??????) everything was oversized or high waist. I remember at this event where I’m wearing pink, i thugged it out and ate snacks. That didn’t last long, I had to sneak out and throw up as silently as I could and carry on with the event like nothing happened... ?????? Honestly the toilet and I were best friends for a bit. ?? The SAMA’s were toughest cause my dress had a high slit & I was presenting an award with Boity so I was so paranoid because I felt bloated and well, I just felt terrible all the time, lethargic. I literally wanted to throw up as we were about to walk out on stage to present the award. ???? The Durban July was a nightmare also! went for a babydoll design dress cause I was showing a bit or at least I thought, so we had to go for something that didn’t hug my body! ?????? Man I went through it. It’s torture. You hate everything. And you’re always “sick”. You go from being TEAM TEQUILA to “Nah, can’t drink. I’m on antibiotics...”???? Shot a cover and no-one knew... shuuuuuuu! I was also the most paranoid person. I thought everyone could see. There were also a few tweets so I was convinced I’d be outed by someone before time... ???? What a wild ride. ?? Even posted less on the socials. Disappeared from the party/event scene. So many stories I could share about the beginning... IT WAS A LOT... but I’m really glad I’m here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my family. Also, at some point cause of my mgowo... Babe nicknamed me “Jack Jack” from incredibles 2. ???? *Cheers to freedom* ????????

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