Robbie Malinga’s son, Robbie Jr, has been a regular feature on the headlines as of late and as a result, he has become quite popular with the ladies.

The 17 year-old stormed into the spotlight when he took over his father’s Instagram account and posted some fascinating content.

If he was not popular enough before, his recent activities have catapulted him into stardom to some extent.

Rob Malli as he calls himself, has also been very popular on social media with people taking a liking to his lifestyle.

As a result of the new found level of fame, Robbie has come across girls who are not entirely with him for the right reasons. 

In a recent interview on MetroFM, he opened up about getting his heart broken by a girl.

"Girls don't play. They hurt you. They cheat," he told Masechaba and Mo Flava.

"I felt like 'what am I missing? What aren't I doing?' My boys found out, we have eyes everywhere," he added.

The young man is now back on the market in search of someone who will compliment his personality.